wheres the flash?

Today DaP decided to go to Central Park to relax and take pictures =D , To our suprise a anonymous third party volunteered! to take a picture of us! . So we hype and excited and alladat because she said "she took photography in college! . And This was the results for letting her show off her skills SMH. x5 ..no "times 100" .

Ps: She keep asking wheres the flash? ..after i showed her , she stillllll kept asking!

3 Things That Make You Cry???

The Female Sex is known to be emotional . . .
so were interested!.You?.Yes You! whats 3! things that make you CRY!
Here's Ours!!
1.The Lion King
2.Puppies Dying
3.Sad Documentaries
1.Getting Hurt
2.Romantic Movies
3.Being Hungry

Welcome To BetseyVille!

Find Yourself wanting to be more "Over The Top"?
Welcome to Betseyville DaP <3
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Exclusive,Standout,Dramatic with a feminine twist
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