DaP UPDATE!!!-Please Read

Hey DaP Followers and Readers ,
DaP just wanted to let you know that we haven't slacked or forgot
about the blog . We are currently in the process of getting a job and worrying about our upcoming interview , as well as school . We are S U P E R excited if we start working because we want to give y'all special BOMB! prizes for you guys in contests!
we have some videos that we gonna make soon! . That We are really excited . Also we gonna have our first contest when we either reach 100 subscribers on YouTube or 100 followers on our blog .
Please Help & Support us , we would really appreciate it .

Accessorize Your Scarf

I made a Video on YouTube explaining creative ways to accessorize Your scarf like off the TOP! of my head! go check them out.Please support DaP :) we need supporters for YouTube and Blogspot!
we really appreciate it!!
thanks guys

Why Have 2 when you can have 1!

lol ..so I was getting dress.. and a Idea came to me , why wear both sleeves?..lmao I know this sounds a little crazy but when I'm having a "blah morning" I like to do things differently! .I was surprise that A lot people complimented me on it.My style is very edgy , I like to throw things together or have a edge to something. Check Out The Pic =D

I didn't cut the shirt .wanna know how i did it!!?..check out our Youtube page www.youtube.com/TheDapShow


Make Cute Shorts FOR SPRING/SUMMER!!!

(its not as hard as it sound)
Pick up your old/un wanted jeans and put them to use for cuteeeeeeee shorts!!! =D
Go watch Pink Video on Youtube where she explains how to make cute shorts!
...and if you wanna laugh , go look at Dolce to put the sleeves to use lmao!
Heres Ours =P